from “Stefania Lucchetta Opus – Seeked form found form”, by Manlio Brusatin, 2013

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[…] Stefania’s creations, or better, creatures, perfectly represent this interlacement of singular and multiple forms, going towards a long survival as they own the stigma of a far origin refined into the aesthetic qualities of forms growing the ones on the others, and keeping in themselves all the experimentations which gave birth to the following image. In the essential image of a jewel what appears (and has to appear), but also what is missing – i.e., what should not be there to express the essential – sometimes attracts us. The essential we like as it contains the step after a shade, a sign. […] Silver and titanium forms, also expanding in expressive colors,  go towards a full and lively vital manifestation, […] in their architecture they are analyzed in their tangled spaces and in their essential full useful to build up the form’s quality, in particular their own, identifiable and incontrovertible form. […]

- Manlio Brusatin, 2013

14 Aug 2013