My jewels, made of biocompatible resin, polyamide, titanium or stellite, are the result of a long and deep research on shapes, materials and new techniques. Since the beginning, in 1999, my goal was to overcome the boundaries imposed by traditional materials and production techniques. My aim was to move forward, beyond what was already achievable, pushing modern technologies to their limits and exploring their full potential, to find new possibilities of expression.

Stefania Lucchetta

“Using the contemporary means, though remaining extraneous to the contemporary conditioning. The best interpretation of today, the precise meaning of here and now, even modulating her own creativity on shapes without time, as they are near the lines which can be located in the shapes of Nature: fingerprints, sea sponges, or “concrete” geometries of space. The result can be found in the complex wearable architectures, in the jewels by Stefania Lucchetta, which, further to emerging with a precise identity and recognizability from the chaos of the creativity of the 21st century, perfectly integrate with the lines of the body of the person who wears them in a perfect somatic synesthesia.”

From “Ways of jewels making” by Anna Cecilia Russo, 2013

last news

 IDA Design awards

Stefania Lucchetta was awarded with Bronze prize at IDA Design awards for her Vibration Collection.